Underwood Electric Typewriter 1957 (via)

Underwood Electric Typewriter 1957 (via)

NPR reported earlier in this week that Russia, in order to increase security in the wake of Snowden and the NSA, has begun using typewriters for top- secret communications.  Ignoring the draconian undertones, typewriters remind of us color, design, and Bombay Talkie!

I’m sure modern Russian ads won’t need to capture the sophistication,luxury, and decadence American typewriter ads propagated through the 60s.  Typewriters were affordable and afforded variety to the consumer.  The market showcased many of the consumer habits we endorse today- buying the newest and the best… frequently.  And I don’t need to mention their necessity to the image of the modern woman of the era.

IBM Electric Typewriter Ad

IBM Electric Typewriter Ad (via)

Olivetti Valentine Ad 1964

Olivetti Valentine Ad 1964 (via)

Smith Corona Electric Typewriter 1956

Smith Corona Electric Typewriter 1956 (via)

Hermes Ad c. 1940s

Hermes Ad c. 1940s (via)

Royal ad c. 1960s (via)

Royal ad c. 1960s (via)

Smith-Corona Co- Ed- Themed ad (via)

Smith-Corona Co- Ed- Themed ad (via)

Mid Century Mobler
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